Text Box: Four young girls sneak out a bedroom window at night to enact a self-styled pagan rite in the Louisiana woods. Who are they and why are they doing this? Before answering these questions, consider a swift-flowing stream of ideas based upon a naturally evolving journey of two decades, deep into a realm that now underlays the theme of best-selling book and hit movie, “The DaVinci Code.”

Since the book’s publication, friends have often uttered the same words to me, “Have you read ‘The DaVinci Code?’ Its about the same things you’ve been talking about for years.”

Why have I been talking about, writing about, and creating interactive discs and web sites about the sacred feminine? For that answer review “Man on the Road to Goddess Awareness.” But before you read that story, let me do some decoding, and share with you some of the exciting treasure I’ve discovered since arriving on the lap of the goddess. Continued >>>
Text Box: Man on the Road to Goddess Awareness
Text Box: ‘The DaVinci Code’ leads goddesses.com 
editor Dean Adams Curtis to offer readers:
Text Box: The D.A. Curtis Decode
GoddessesText Box: Who are they?
Text Box: MODERN
Text Box: & YOU
Text Box: 10,000 Years in Iraq
Text Box: Into Eden: A Heroine’s Journey
Text Box: Caverns of Controversy

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Text Box: The Hebrew Goddess
Text Box: In early times cedar trees were often thought to be feminine
Text Box: Start your journey in 
Iraq before the flood

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Text Box: How did a suburban male 
end up digging prehistory? 
Text Box: The wombs of Mother Earth are caverns accessed by narrow vagina-like caves 
Text Box: The goddess Europa is
a smooth-skinned space age beauty awaiting us 
Text Box: Mooned by Europa
GoddessesEventVideo ServiceText Box: Fall back in time 10,000 years
Goddesses CommunicationText Box: We name names, connect dots, close the circle 
Text Box: Explore our fun journeys to places where the ancient goddess civilization flourished.
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