Goddess Ashera Prehistoric Canaanite, Middle East.

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Next, explore some goddesses discovered at one of the earliest cities, 9000-years-old Catal Hoyuk on the Konya Plain of Turkey.

Mother Goddess Catal Huyuck, Turkey

Mother Earth wombs, caverns, have been accessed for millenia by narrow vagina-like caves. Spelunk from your seat, or stand if you like.

Back in prehistory, beginning in a landscape theorized to have inspired mythology of Eden, the essay 10,000 Years in Iraq offers a chronological look at the region from the past forward, flying over the story of the its past ten thousand years, before coming to its early modernity.

We name names. Sometimes it helps to see things in alphabetical order. In this case, we refer to ancient goddesses. Wikipedia will be able to safely guide you further. Try putting goddess before the name you search.

Ancient Wisdom is a series created and hosted by goddesses' owner/editor Dean Adams Curtis. In it, Dean meets with archaeologists across America, including Joanne Dickenson, an archaeologist at New Mexico's Blackwater Draw site.

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